I don't know whether somebody else has noticed it, but for those who are not into Linux kernel versions and their distinctions, it's mostly irrelevant.
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What is relevant for Nook Color users and developers on their road to Ice Cream Sandwich (when AOSP 4.0 will materialize, that is) is this:
-- SGX Video Acceleration (in principle, it was available in kernels after 2.6.35, while CM7 has stuck on 2.6.32);
-- DSP, a (better) support is offered in kernels after 2.6.38;
-- Better OMAP Frame Buffer drivers (omapfb): for the Beagleboard development platform they talk in favor of using more software-optimized driver based on NEON extensions, than a SGX hardware accelerated renderer (fbdev).
(info from elinux.org on Beagleboard Debian)

Snugsam's Google Nexus has a TI OMAP version of PowerVR SGX GPU and also a similar DSP, so hopefully, its open source repositaries will have nicer drivers for 2D/3D/video hardware rendering on our very obsolete Nook Color.  
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